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Baseball Solutions player development Programs and Services
Varsity Edge (upperclassman) Varsity Prep (underclassman) High School prep (middle schoolers) Lessons (8yr-18yr)


  • individual/private lessons (one on one), consulting and training for ages 9-18.

  • seasonal camps for 1st-5th graders.

Programs: Baseball Solutions specializes in expert Player Development programs and workshops that are designed specifically for the development and training needs of middle school through high school aged ball players:

  • summer session (mid May thru July) - more info

  • fall (Sept-Nov)

  • spring training/prep (Nov-Jan) - more info

  • spring maintenance (Feb-May)

At this stage of your baseball career (14yrs-18yrs), many have learned "how to" play; however, it's time to become a great baseball "player". Our primary focus of resources and attention is helping ball players (and families) reach their max potential and ensure that they have a clear understanding of the Process. The Process is hard; however, it provides life-lessons (if you allow it). We embrace, define, and mentor through each step of your high school baseball timeline:

  • 7th/8th graders: identify areas of deficiency and development in your game that will prohibit advancing to next level.

  • 9th graders: best prepare for spring high school tryouts and first season of spring high school baseball.

  • underclassman: develop into an impact varsity player (as quickly as possible)

  • upperclassman: clearly understand what it takes to transition into baseball at the next level (and beyond)

What do you mean Player Development programs and workshops? Baseball Solutions has perfected an innovative group training environment and masterfully put together training curriculum's that are engaging, informative, provide maximum instruction and maximum reps. Each week, ball players can attend and engage in as many as four Player Development sessions that include our exclusive Swingtherapy workshop, Arm Care/Thera Bands, Throwing Dynamics, Arm Strength Development, Pitcher's boot-camp, Catcher's boot-camp, defensive skills/drills by position, baseball specific SAQ (speed.agility.quickness), etc.

How? Baseball Solutions has perfected a true Player Development Program that balances instruction (player development workshops), repetitions (muscle memory), and at times games (reactions). All activities have a purpose, a goal and a curriculum designed to be innovative and progressive. We carefully plan each indoor and field workout and guarantee Player Development in the following critical areas:

  • Technical skills (fundamentals and mechanics)

  • Tactical skills (defensive strategy and positioning related to where to be and when)

  • Physical skills (strength, speed.agility.quickness)

  • Mental skills (hitting/pitching approach, handling adversity, etc)

Where? North & South. Baseball Solutions has an indoor academy on both sides of town eliminating criss-crossing town (and traffic) to get to practice. Pictures and details about indoor academies.


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