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SWINGTHERAPYTM is a proprietary and innovative hitting program designed to help ballplayers increase their confidence and success at the plate by exploring both the mechanical and most importantly, the mental side of becoming a successful hitter. Many ballplayers can hit but few are great hitters. You’ve learned “how to” hit, now you need to become a better (dangerous) hitter. Hitters are challenged to keep their bodies in a good athletic position through the swing in order to handle off-speed pitches, hit with power to all fields, generate more bat speed and be productive situational hitters. SWINGTHERAPYTM sessions focus on teaching  how the swing works, what the upper and lower half responsibilities are during the swing, and how to develop a consistent plan and approach for each at bat. ABC coaches us video analysis (Coaches Eye app) to provide immediate visual and instructional feedback.

SWINGTHERAPYTM sessions are broken into two parts: drills designed to work on the foundation of the swing – hip rotation, hand direction, releasing the bat head, making contact in different “hitting zones”, creating good timing, etc.- followed by hitting live arm batting practice thrown by instructors. Positive results at the plate increase when a ball player creates good timing and swings at good pitches.

Body position examples
ABC hitters examples
Additional MLB hitters examples
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