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Baseball Solutions summer Player Development programs

2017 grad program (graduating seniors)

The format for the 8-10 week program (you decide between 6 week, 8 week or 10 week program): workouts will be 2017 grad specific and cater to players who will be leaving to play college ball (or walk on) next fall. Participants will participate in two one hour workouts each week (two indoor or indoor and field). The focus for pitchers will be on arm care, are strength development, maintenance, command, etc. Position players will focus on hitting, arm care, fungo reps. Our goal is to limit the individual weekly time slots to two players; 3 players max (thus allowing for max instruction & attention from the ABC staff as well as max reps) *you will also have access to the indoor facility for any/all extra reps & self-paced workouts you have time for.

We will begin the training sessions as soon as you are ready (once HS season has concluded), however, we are targeting a start date the week of 5/22: (two weeks in May, four in June, four in July gets us to 10 weeks; however you are welcome to pick from 6 week, 8 week, 10 week program) *one on one instruction is also an option.


(attend two 1hr workouts per week)

6 week session - $499

8 week session - $629

10 week session - $799

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