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Many can catch, few are great Catchers

Baseball Solutions invites you to explore the most innovative, energetic, and comprehensive Boot-Camp for catchers available.  Our critically acclaimed catching experts have compiled a curriculum that is designed and guaranteed to challenge the most skilled and seasoned/veteran catchers; as well as those who are new to the position. We guarantee to inspire, challenge, and produce results or your money back. Players will be divided into small groups to ensure quality of professional instruction; appropriate skill level, player development and quality reps, reps, reps. You will learn from an all-star staff that has achieved success at the high school, collegiate and professional level(s); but more importantly, have years of experience helping those who can catch become great Catchers.


The Catchers Theory  curriculum includes up to eight 1.5hr player development workshops (over 12 hours of professional instruction hosted both indoor and on the field) and includes Throwing Dynamics/Arm Strength development, video analysis, print materials, handbook, and comprehensive written assessment with feedback on over ten critical catching metrics (more details and clarification). Catchers will have the opportunity to participate in a one of a kind "Catchers Olympics" at the conclusion of the program allowing participants to showcase their skills. Relevant eval data will be shared with high school coaches, recruiters and scouts. Space is limited. Workshop's are hosted during the week, weekend's; indoor and on the field.


Please review more program details and clarification.

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