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Catchers Theory is a proprietary progrtams offered exclusively by Baseball Solutions and designed to provide the maximum return on your investment by combining workshops, video analysis and print materials/handbook. The fee associated cannot be prorated. We work vigilantly and diligently with each participant to achieve the full value of the program (see value by the numbers below).


The program curriculum covers "All Things Catching" and is guaranteed to produce results or your money back. We incorporate balance beams, med balls, tennis balls, heavy balls, speed ladders, etc to ensure that the skills/drills we introduce are innovative and cutting edge (see video below). Topics covered (but not limited to): the athletic set-up, receiving, foot-work, tag plays, improved pop-times, arm strength development, Throwing Dynamics/Arm Care (Thera Bands), blocking, agility, balance, strength, calling a game, taking charge, review of "a catcher must", video analysis, Catchers Olympics, 10 point evaluation, etc). Baseball Solutions founder, Coach Andrew Prater, has fully vetted this program using his experience as former catcher in the Florida Marlins and Mets organizations, coach in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, and over 20 years experience working with catchers at the high school, collegiate and professional level.


The program participation fee is $345 and the program package includes the following:

  • opportunity to attend up to eight 1.5hr workshops hosted both indoor and on the field; north & south. Upon registration, program director's, Coach Andrew Prater and Coach Nick Spears, will provide additional information.

  • printed materials for education, study and review.

  • Parent/Player classroom-whiteboard workshops.

  • Make up sessions will be available


Players will be divided into strategic relevant small groups. You can rest assured that your small group assignment will not be an issue.


Catchers Theory value by the number$:

  • The opportunity alone to attend eight 1.5hr workshops is a total of 12hrs of professional/expert instruction for less than $30hr. Market value for 1.5hr group instruction is $50 per player. $50 x 12hrs = $600 market value

  • The professional video analysis package included has a market value of $149

  • Catchers Theory print materials and handbook has a market value of $149

  • Professional 10 point written evaluation - priceless. Revekaing blind-spots is invaluable

                        market value for Catchers Theory is $750+




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